March 7, 2011

Happy Boobie to YOU!!!

I knew that would grab your attention!
Today was my oldest sons birthday. And that is his rendition of Happy Birthday. He's got his own lil' toddler speak and sometimes the results are downright hilarious!

Anyway, today he turn a whole THREE YEARS OLD! And I can honestly say the time has flown! In a happy, exhausting, fabulous whirlwind on hugs and kisses, loving and playing. 

We didn't do much today, as his party is set for this Saturday (woo-hoo! PAR-TAY!!!), but we did try to make it a little special. I set up a birthday banner (no, not on me!) and balloon (those, however, WERE home blown...HA!) and all sorts of fun decorations. For dinner we had sushi (he chose that over PIZZA...yeah, I know!) and for dessert we had a fondue, a chocolate fondue. With strawberries and banana. And candles stuck into the 'berries! He LOVED it. (who wouldn't?!)
And, of course, I also made him a very small gift  that I thought he'd love.  

A tool belt...a classic boy toy right? And not to mention, Handy Manny wears one, and my sweet N loooves Handy Manny!

Used a lovely olive thread for detailing.

Personalized it with his intial. Did a reverse applique with wide zigzag to secure.

All loaded up and ready to go. I am fairly in love with it. It's crazy simple ( I mean, it's really not that original, right? I mean hello, it's a tool belt) and so very easy to do, I didn't even use a pattern (literally sat down and started cutting!) but I love it nonetheless.

yes, I placed the heart there to cover up "spillage".
Perhaps what I love about it is the little boy it was gifted to.

Happy Birthday my sweet love, you are my sunshine, my moonlight and my stars. You are God's greatest gift to me and the reason I smile. May God bless you with many, MANY more, and may you always feel His love and mine. Happy "boobie"!


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