July 8, 2011

Lavender Bunting - A Mini Tutorial

I was finally able to craft with my home grown lavender. Again, the house was filled with it's sweet aroma, and again, I got a headache from it's strong smell!!! Let me tell you, sniff lavender long enough and it's calming effects get downright migraine-y! HA!

It was well worth it, though. Here is what I made...

Here's a close up of the words I embroidered onto simple white cotton.
I also kept a small bundle of it, just as is, but added a pretty purple ribbon :)

Here's a quick "How-To" make your own :)

1. Start off with dried lavender flower buds.
2. Mix 2 cups buds and 1 cup organic rice. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to the rice to give extra oomph, but it won't really need it. Depends on strong you want to the smell.

3.Take some white cotton, an embroidery hoop, a disappearing marker, a needle and thread.
4.Put cloth in hoop as you normally would.
5.Write whatever you want on it.
6.And begin embroidering.
***Don't know how to embroider? Here's a great tutorial of five easy, and basic stitches. I used the Back Stitch method, with two strands of the embroidery floss rather than the whole thing. (I wanted the lettering to be thinner.)***

7. Once you're finished embroidering, take fabric out of hoop and cut out a square piece of fabric, making sure to frame word with fabric. (You're basically trying to make tiny little pillows with the words right in the middle.)
8. Cut out another piece of fabric (sans word for the back half of the "pillow") 
9. Sew right sides together, with the word IN. Leave a small space to turn inside out.
10.Fill with rice/lavender mixture.
11; Sew close by sewing a border around the inside of "pillow".
12. Then sewed the rope on, like pictured below. Don't worry about stitching along the middle just at the edges.

13. Add bits of ribbons knotted into bows along (and between "pillows") the rope you just attached.

And voila! A super easy (took me all of an hour from very start to hanging) but lovely and CALMING gift, that's simple but sweet .
I think I'll keep this one though. I love it too much. Off to make more to actually give as gifts :)


xoxo, Dorian


  1. pretty. x

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