August 2, 2011

Beach & Ocean Tee - A TUTORIAL

Hi Lovelies! I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far and that your weekend was awesome good :). Here in Canada, we had a long weekend, so I was basically kidnapped from my blog by my husband! Can't say I minded ;). We are in the process of some exciting home changes. Painting, new furniture, changing room layouts, tiling, so I've been busy! But so, sooo happy to finally be making  my beautiful little house feel more like home!

Anyway, I have quite a bit of tutes coming your way because, well, I may have been blog-napped but I still got my craft on!

Today, I will show you how to make this (please ignore my awkward faces, I am TERRIBLE at this picture thang!):

From two tees you probably already have in your closet :)
Ready? Okay!

- two tees (in different colours)
- Cotton fabric
- scissors
- sewing machine
- about 30 minutes :)


*please note, this tute (and pics) were done at night as picture quality may not be the best, but the content works just as well :)
One shirt should be a LOT bigger than the other for this particular look.

You can leave it longer if you'd like. For this empire waisted shirt, I had to shorten it.

If you do NOT know how to ruffle, I have a tutorial HERE. 

1. Place ruffled edge next to top part of tee, and slowly and carefully pull at ruffles to make it as wide as the tee, as in Step 2.

Now for the bow...

Again, please ignore my ridiculous pics and bug-like sunglasses, I was channelling my inner insect, apparently.
But honest, you guys, I rarely wear jeans and tees in the summer because I LOVE summer dresses. They make me feel so pretty. But  I have to tell you, I felt SO (as in SOOOO) pretty in this tee! It hides all the bad mommy belly spots and highlights, well, only the good :). The bow felt uber flirty and feminine, and I was crazy for the colours, they remind me so much of the ocean and beach. And I loove the beach. :) Even hubs was pretty crazy about it. Anyway, all I'm saying is that for basically NO MONEY and only 30 minutes, I got a shirt that has become my FAVOURITE. Not bad, I say :)

Technically, this was inspired by this Anthro top ($48):
But I felt all that loose fabric might make me feel like a tent, so I changed it up and made it my own. I kinna like mine better *blush* was that a terrible thing to say? Oh well, it's true :) I could replicate that one if anyone is interested though...anyone? Let me know in the comments!
Anyway, I LOVE IT :) And I hope you do too!
Again, I'm here to answer any question. And remember...non is too small :) And also, you can find this in the tutes tab...along with many more :) ENJOY!

xoxo, Dorian

THESE great parties!


  1. very cool! back in the day....80's, when I was young I did very similar things with clothing hanging around to renew and reuse.

    It's awesome!

  2. Thanks for linking up at Tuesday Time Out! Love this!


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    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


  3. Beautiful! That looks so fantastic on you, and I agree, I like yours better than the original, too :-) Great work, as usual!

  4. Oh my word, I love this. I will have to try this. I actually am going to pin this right now! And following your blog, can't wait to see more ideas!!

  5. You go girl! This top is awesome! It doesn't look too difficult to make either & I REALLY love that! Do you think this could be modified for a maternity top?? I'm thinking if I got an extra big top to use for the bottom piece, I could just gather it more on the front side...what do you think? (ps thanks for sharing this!)

  6. That's really cute, and super flattering. I love the cut and the color. Great job!

  7. very cool! thanks for sharing your project!

  8. This is so cute. I love the color-block look and you could do so many different style tops! Thanks so much for sharing- I most definitely plan to use your inspiration!

  9. Wow. that came out beautifully! Good job. I'm a new follower from Your Whims Wednesday. I would love for you to stop by:

  10. Good job! I love it! You might want to check my blog out... I think you would like it!

  11. Looks wonderful! I'm definitely adding this to my to-make list!

  12. PS - New follower!

  13. this is amazingly cute!! I love everything about it. Did you hem the little slit in the top, or just leave it a raw edge since it's knit? I am off to the closet to find 2 tees right now!!

    PS: I think yours it better than the anthro top too ;o)

  14. Just wanted to let you know I made my own version but credited you with the inspiration. It'll go up Wednesday.

  15. Great tutorial! I don't have much experience sewing but I plan on giving this a try! Thanks for sharing!


  16. This is a great tutorial! I was eyeing that same one at anthro and thinking that I could knock it off :)

  17. Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. This shirt came out awesome and I love your detailed tutorial. You've inspired me to go make one! We've chosen to feature it on our blog today! We hope you'll join us again tomorrow for another edition of "What's Up Wednesday's".

  18. This is adorable!! I agree with is better than the original ;)

  19. This is super cute, great job! I am featuring this at my party this week:) It will be up on Tuesday night..thanks for linking up!!!

  20. This is awesome! I love it! Come link up to my party on saturday this is great!

  21. My sister and I followed your tutorial and made a super cute shirt in about an hour! It looks fabulous, and we were so excited at how quickly we got it done! Now to make myself one, since she kept the one we finished.... ;) Thanks for the tutorial and awesome idea!

  22. I <3 Anthro!!!! Yours looks really good:) i was wondering if you could pleaseee make a tutorial for a replica of the inspiration shirt?! I <3 it so much, and i was going to ask for it for my birthday, but now that i know you can teach me how to replicate it, i would love to know how!! Thanks!

  23. You look great, the tee and your glasses, very Hollywood glamour!

  24. how did you do the last tee pictured? .... the yellow and white one. it lokks great too and wouldnt mind making both.
    great job
    thank you

  25. This looks like what I've been looking for in a t-shirt makeover. I love this and I really want to try making one for myself. Great job!


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